Friday, 28 July 2017

Nail Stamping Review - Enjoyours Review

Hey everyone! I'm here with a new mani and a review on the items that I used to create it.

I received some items from the EnjoyOurs company to review, and as stated here, all opinions are my own. If you pop over to their website and something takes your fancy, you can use the code "CDA10" to get 10% off on your purchase.

RIGHT. So... onto the naaails!

The Butter Adventures Review BC-07
This is the plate BC-07 from their lace collection series. I looked it up on their website and here's the link to this plate, just click on the 07 option. It currently costs $2.19.

The engraved images on the plate are exactly the same as the image shown on the website. This plate has a bit of a modern-lace feel to it with the smaller images like the three crowns. I don't know what the palm trees are doing on a lace plate but I live five minutes away from the beach so the palm trees are always welcome! 😆

The Butter Adventures Review BC-07

 So after removing the plastic from the plate and sitting down to do my nails...I wanted to play up on the 'modern vibe' of the lace so I put on this corally-red base. It's the go-to shade for me when I have no idea what to do because this shade always looks good with everything in my closet.

I also picked up my one-coater gold polish to go with the red. I assumed that because it was a one-coater that it would stamp really well.....(spoiler alert, it didn't). And of course can't stamp without a scraper and a stamper so I got those too. Put everything together and you've got yourself a pretty flat-lay. (Yay, I'm picking up on the blogging things xD)

(And for those interested in the background image, its some water colour brush calligraphy I did a while ago)

Okay back to nails! I thought  that that gold polish would stamp perfectly. I thought WRONG. It stamped so sheer I couldn't even capture the image when I picked it up on my clear stamper. Sad. So I tried twice. Just in case it was a fault with the image. It wasn't. So I switched to my trusty L.A. Colors Black polish and used that. As you can see, it stamped great. The image picked up flawlessly and I absolutely love this rose print! Its just that quintessential lace print for me.

The Butter Adventures Review BC-07

 The image below is the completed mani. I used five images in total from the plate to make this mani. You can't see two out of those five images because that gold refused to stamp with a respectable amount of pigment. But I can see the gold peeking through (on the index and middle fingers) and I think that adds a little bit of its like the plate is serving its purpose LOL, making my nails look a lot more attractive in lace.

The Butter Adventures Review BC-07

Overall, I think its a really nice plate. Its something I would definitely get given my love for all things Victorian. Also, I think you would really like this plate if you liked matching your nails to your outfits! It's summer and lace is always trending! So its a win-win.

Now that the nails are done, I would like to talk about the actual parcel delivery service. It took about a month and a half for this parcel to get to me. But SHIPPING IS FREE. This is something that is so necessary for me! I live in Pakistan so getting anything shipped to me costs around $30-40. That is a scary amount and I know it's the same rate for a lot of countries so I literally do a mini happy-dance when I see the words "free shipping" on any website.

Before this one was shipped out, one of my parcels had been lost in the mail and the lovely Sherry at EnjoyOurs was kind enough to resend this parcel to me.So I just know that their customer service will be just as lovely!

Again. I'm leaving you guys a code for 10% off. Give the website a go! They've got a great variety of things on there so there's something for everyone! I have my eye on a phone accessory that's a phone stand in the shape of two hands! How CUTE!!

The Butter Adventures Review BC-07

Happy shopping guys! I hope you all enjoyed my review! There's another one in the works!

Take care,

Saturday, 1 July 2017

What They Don't Tell You About Eid

Today, I'm going to talk about the other side, the dark side of something that millions of people around the world celebrate; Eid.

Where I live, the sightings of the moon dictate the arrival of holidays. So the night the moon is sighted signifying Eid the next day, is called chaand raat (chaand = moon, raat = night). And its so sad how something designed to be happy and celebratory has become so synonymous with something so negative. Not many people know of the negatives so I'm here to blog about them in the hopes that someday it will all come to a definite stop.

Here's what you don't know about Eid:

The exploitation of labour.

Every year at chaand raat, thousands of girls are hired for henna application purposes. Some, that are fortunate enough to have contacts of their own are directly hired by these individuals and so they spend the whole day working. Then, at the end of it, they go home with all the money have earned.
Most girls, however, are not so fortunate. They are hired by salons or some other form of middle-man, that takes gives them only a percentage of the total earnings. This is ridiculously unfair. Henna application is something that's labour intensive and then giving that labourer less than half of what they have earned for the salon is ridiculous. 

As if the unfair pay wasn't bad enough, these girls come in every age  group! I've seen girls of not more than 10 years of age, sitting there in those tents and salons, working so they can make a quick buck. This is child labour. They aren't paid right. And its not as if only the really sketchy places and shady areas of town hire these under-age girls. Just this year, I saw a 15 year old working at a well known sports club. And I'm sure she wasn't the youngest girl there.

To top it all off, these girls work long hours and into the late hours of the night. The classier establishments and salons close around a standard 1 a.m. while there is no definite closing time for the other places. Those young girls are responsible for their own transport home. Those young girls live far away from those well known, classier, establishments so they get home around 4 a.m. But before they can go home, they must deal with women straight out of a nightmare. They get yelled at by women who aren't satisfied with their henna. It's a sad and ugly truth but they do encounter a few such women that will yell at them, whole-heartedly so.

They also have to deal with constant comparisons. So because people can choose which girl applies their henna, they will go around judging the girls' work. There's nothing wrong with picking the girl who's application you like most; after all, you do pay for it....but it isn't fair when people go around and voice out negative opinions. These girls are human, they have emotions. You can't tell her you think she's a horrible artist. You can't say "Oh, you're a horrible henna artist, I'm going to the lady behind you". Those girls have been working like robots, pausing only to take sips of their tea in between customers, and they sit there and take your yelling and your criticism and the antics of your little children and then take home less than half of what they earned. Well guess what? They didn't sign up for your shit.

No one's asking you to praise them for work that isn't quite what you wanted. But you don't need to be a jerk about it. But when you do like your work, or even if its not the best you've seen, please do tip your henna-girl. They come from families that aren't as financially stable as yours. They do this because they need this extra money. They might need the change to pay for their transport home. Please understand that establishments also hire girls that have zero experience with henna application Please keep in mind that this girl with zero experience...SHE'S BARELY THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. She goes to school, of course she's not as talented as that instagram artist you want her to copy. And please for the love of God, don't yell at her. You chose to have her do your henna. The hand you are dealt is on you. Even if it does look horrible, speak to the management about it and have them drop your fee. Or just be a nice person and let the henna-girl make a little more money. Your henna will fade away and no one will think less of you if your henna didn't turn out that great.