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Butterfly Multiple-Stamping Nail Art Tutorial

The nail art community on instagram is such a swoon-worthy place. One of the great things about it is the birthday bashes you are often invited to. Us nailies like to party our own way so we sit at home (or at work😁) and think about what mani to create for the birthday girl. Or if its supposed to be a recreation.... we endlessly stalk the birthday girl in search of the perfect mani πŸ˜…

As such, I stalked Caroline and came across this multiple-stamped butterfly mani:

Courtesy Caroline @tinkerbell1970s

And I absolutely had to recreate for her birthday. And in purple for the set theme!
I chose this one because I have a stamping plate specifically for butterflies xD and the exact image of the butterfly on the ring finger on one of my other plates. 

Butterfly Stamping Plate
Salon Express Plate #18
And here's what I ended up with, and if you're interested then I have a description as to how I did it down below  πŸ˜ƒ

Butterfly Multiple-Stamping Nails
Coutesy IG: uptown.nails
Lets get started! I like to gather my supplies first, it saves me a lot of time that way, and its a lot easier to spot what I need and what I'm missing.

Butterfly Multiple-Stamping Nail Art Tutorial
Pictured above:
  • Assorted polishes (white, black, red, light purple, metallic dark purple, dark metallic gold)
  • Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP74
  • Hehe Stamping Plate 035
  • Salon Express SE18
  • Clear Stamper from Harunouta Store
  • Scraper from Born Pretty Store
Stuff I used that's not pictured above:
  • Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP76
  • Nail Polish remover
  • Cotton and Tape
  • Hehe Stamper

I started off with a pastel-y lilac base that I mattified to make the metallic polishes stand out more. 

Pastel Lilac Nails
Its okay if its a bit uneven, I find that pastel polishes and lighter colours often apply unevenly, even with multiple coats so I don't fret too much as I know the stamping will cover it. This is where the clear stamper comes handy!

Hehe Stamping plate 035
Pictured above is the plate I wanted to use for the cursive script for the first layer of stamping so clearing up my working space, I got the plate, the gold polish, the stamper and scraper in place and gave it a go on my index finger and.....

Using Hehe 035
The result of the stamp was barely visible, due to the fine cursive print etched on to the plate....which was kind of disappointing because I've used this image on this plate before here and I liked quite liked the results then.

Hehe 035

But this time, with the light base it just wasn't very clear so I decided to swap out that plate and use a different (and unfortunately non-cursive) image off  Born Pretty #76.

Born Pretty BP#76

So using the same burnt-gold polish, clear stamper and scraper I went over the tiny cursive on my index finger (because I'm lazy and matte top coat takes really long to dry) and voila! The result was a way-clearer script that stood out with its metallic-ness against the matte.


See? You can't even tell my first attempt failed xD. 

Here's a picture of the first layer on all the nails and I was super happy with how it turned out, even though it wasn't cursive.


And here's a picture of that gorgeous burnt-gold that I love. See how it has glitter in it?

Salon Express SE18

Then moving on to the butterfly part of the mani....I used this metallic-holo-purple for the main butterfly on the ring finger using the Salon Express Plate above.


I used the clear stamper for this butterfly only though. The image picked up just fine for this plate, but for the rest of the detail butterflies I used a relatively old but reliable stamper from Hehe and stamped various butterflies in that same purple and red.

Born Pretty BP#74

I didn't take separate snaps of adding on each butterfly because that's just a repetitive process and no one wants to see that many (mani) pictures xD. I also didnt take pictures of the clean-up process for the stamping plates or my nails either...but I did clean the plates with cotton and nail polish remover between each stamp and I did use tape and remover for general clean-up.


And then this is what I ended up with. I was so happy with how my nails turned out, especially because purple is one of the colours I don't favour much. And because the sun was out (as it usually is around 3 p.m.) I just had to show you guys the subtle holo that this purple polish contains.
I actually bought this polish for my mum, and she wore it about twice before it mysteriously ended up in my polish stash ...... 😺😸

 And that's it for this post guys, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Let me know what you thought of it in your comments. Have a great week everyone!

Also, I was thinking of doing a blog post comparing all my plates and stampers by brand....would you guys be interested in reading that? Let me know so I can start working on it!

Thanks !

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