Monday, 20 February 2017

Butterfly Multiple-Stamping Nail Art Tutorial

The nail art community on instagram is such a swoon-worthy place. One of the great things about it is the birthday bashes you are often invited to. Us nailies like to party our own way so we sit at home (or at work😁) and think about what mani to create for the birthday girl. Or if its supposed to be a recreation.... we endlessly stalk the birthday girl in search of the perfect mani πŸ˜…

As such, I stalked Caroline and came across this multiple-stamped butterfly mani:

Courtesy Caroline @tinkerbell1970s

And I absolutely had to recreate for her birthday. And in purple for the set theme!
I chose this one because I have a stamping plate specifically for butterflies xD and the exact image of the butterfly on the ring finger on one of my other plates. 

Butterfly Stamping Plate
Salon Express Plate #18
And here's what I ended up with, and if you're interested then I have a description as to how I did it down below  πŸ˜ƒ

Butterfly Multiple-Stamping Nails
Coutesy IG: uptown.nails
Lets get started! I like to gather my supplies first, it saves me a lot of time that way, and its a lot easier to spot what I need and what I'm missing.

Butterfly Multiple-Stamping Nail Art Tutorial
Pictured above:
  • Assorted polishes (white, black, red, light purple, metallic dark purple, dark metallic gold)
  • Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP74
  • Hehe Stamping Plate 035
  • Salon Express SE18
  • Clear Stamper from Harunouta Store
  • Scraper from Born Pretty Store
Stuff I used that's not pictured above:
  • Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP76
  • Nail Polish remover
  • Cotton and Tape
  • Hehe Stamper

I started off with a pastel-y lilac base that I mattified to make the metallic polishes stand out more. 

Pastel Lilac Nails
Its okay if its a bit uneven, I find that pastel polishes and lighter colours often apply unevenly, even with multiple coats so I don't fret too much as I know the stamping will cover it. This is where the clear stamper comes handy!

Hehe Stamping plate 035
Pictured above is the plate I wanted to use for the cursive script for the first layer of stamping so clearing up my working space, I got the plate, the gold polish, the stamper and scraper in place and gave it a go on my index finger and.....

Using Hehe 035
The result of the stamp was barely visible, due to the fine cursive print etched on to the plate....which was kind of disappointing because I've used this image on this plate before here and I liked quite liked the results then.

Hehe 035

But this time, with the light base it just wasn't very clear so I decided to swap out that plate and use a different (and unfortunately non-cursive) image off  Born Pretty #76.

Born Pretty BP#76

So using the same burnt-gold polish, clear stamper and scraper I went over the tiny cursive on my index finger (because I'm lazy and matte top coat takes really long to dry) and voila! The result was a way-clearer script that stood out with its metallic-ness against the matte.


See? You can't even tell my first attempt failed xD. 

Here's a picture of the first layer on all the nails and I was super happy with how it turned out, even though it wasn't cursive.


And here's a picture of that gorgeous burnt-gold that I love. See how it has glitter in it?

Salon Express SE18

Then moving on to the butterfly part of the mani....I used this metallic-holo-purple for the main butterfly on the ring finger using the Salon Express Plate above.


I used the clear stamper for this butterfly only though. The image picked up just fine for this plate, but for the rest of the detail butterflies I used a relatively old but reliable stamper from Hehe and stamped various butterflies in that same purple and red.

Born Pretty BP#74

I didn't take separate snaps of adding on each butterfly because that's just a repetitive process and no one wants to see that many (mani) pictures xD. I also didnt take pictures of the clean-up process for the stamping plates or my nails either...but I did clean the plates with cotton and nail polish remover between each stamp and I did use tape and remover for general clean-up.


And then this is what I ended up with. I was so happy with how my nails turned out, especially because purple is one of the colours I don't favour much. And because the sun was out (as it usually is around 3 p.m.) I just had to show you guys the subtle holo that this purple polish contains.
I actually bought this polish for my mum, and she wore it about twice before it mysteriously ended up in my polish stash ...... 😺😸

 And that's it for this post guys, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Let me know what you thought of it in your comments. Have a great week everyone!

Also, I was thinking of doing a blog post comparing all my plates and stampers by brand....would you guys be interested in reading that? Let me know so I can start working on it!

Thanks !

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Probelle Nail Treatment Review

Hi guys! I was recently sent some nail treatment product by Probelle to review and I have been testing it out since last weak.

Now, if you love growing out your nails or would just like your nails and cuticles to be healthy (read: look pretty), you know that proper nail care is essential.So I was quite excited to see how the Probelle nail treatment would work out for me. And here's the scoop!

Probelle Review
Probelle is a nail-care products aside from nail polishes, they have all sorts of nail treatments for you to choose from according to your personal nail-needs. And I think that's great! Being able to cater to your exact needs is waaaaay better than trying out a generic product and hoping it works for you. For instance, if you have dry skin; you would get a moisturizer that is specifically for dry skin, wouldn't you? Its the same way for nails.

So here's what I got. A nail hardener. Because my nails are long, and the winter means increased dryness, and because nails are just prone to breaking, I really wanted to protect them from breakage... I do have a nail blog to run after all πŸ˜… Enter the nail hardener you can see pictured below.

Probelle Nail Hardener Review
I got the first bottle pictured above. And the box the comes in says it cures, repairs and restores damaged nails. It also says its Step 1 of the whole process.

Probelle Nail Treatments
The description on the catalog says "Formula 1 is a unique formula designed to cure, repair and restore damaged nails. The formula itself has proven to prevent and correct thin nails that are breaking and cracking by forming a protective barrier on the nail."

Probelle Formula 1 Nail Hardener Review
The directions for use state one thin coat everyday, and to remove it weekly, to stop them from peeling, cracking and splitting. And after the nail becomes stronger and healthier to use it as a base coat. It also says that after 4-6 weeks,it is recommended to follow up this treatment with Step 2.

The parcel comes nicely wrapped in a bubble-wrap encased box, with the catalog pictured above and shipping was quick, which was a surprise, a nice one, but a surprise nonetheless, as it ships out from Florida.
My nails before the Probelle nail hardening treatment
 The bottle is bigger than the average nail polish bottle, which was also a good surprise. The average nail polish bottle is 10 ml, while the Probelle Nail Hardener is 15 ml, so it should last you a good long month if you go by the "thin coat daily, remove weekly" rule.

Probelle Nail Hardener Nail Treatment

The treatment comes in a clear glass bottle with the regular sized polish brush. Its a translucent colour, and its a lot lighter than an average base coat. It doesn't smell like regular nail polish either, and dries super fast. I love that about this since I don't have to worry about smudging the base and then having a bald spot of a nail treatment.

Nail hardener Review- Brush, Formula

The formula does contain formaldehyde, so for all the people out there that only use the 5-free no formaldehyde stuff, I'm afraid this isn't for you. I don't think the formaldehyde does anything to alter the effectiveness of the product and none of the polish I use is 5-free so it really doesn't bother me that it contains that.
Nails before the Nail Hardening Treatment
Now I wouldn't exactly say that al of my nails were "damaged". But yes, some of my nails, had tiny cracks down the sides...which means they might break or tear off. And I wanted to prevent that...and also make them stronger overall. And the nail hardener did exactly what the description said it would do. It prevented my nail cracks from opening up and breaking off by creating a protective barrier on the nail.

Day 1 of Probelle Nail Hardener
I applied a thin coat to my nails everyday, around three p.m. to be exact...and also fair in terms of the testing period. The very first time I applied it I felt the stated barrier, that settled into my cracks to sort of join them with the rest of my nail. They did feel a lot less bendy so I could tell the "hardening" part really did work. I didn't notice them feeling any harder in the next couple days but I suppose it was only because it was a minor change from day to day.

Day 3 of Nail Hardening Treatment from Probelle

As you can see in the pictures above, the nails were shiny after the coat of the hardener. I really liked that. It made my nails look healthier and because I didn't wear any nail polish on top of the treatment, the shine made me feel a lot more confident when I went out with bare nails.

The fifth day of the week however, I applied the product as usual...but because there was residual hand cream on my nails the treatment didn't stick very well and after a while i noticed that the nails looked a lot matte-er than they usually did with the treatment on. So I guess that was a day gone to waste...and something to be wary of the next time! (I didn't even like you to begin with, stupid hand cream -_-)

Day 7 of Probelle Nail Hardener
On day 7, I have to admit I was quite happy with how my nails looked and felt. They felt less bendy and because the treatment was translucent, it concealed the yellow stains I have on my nails. An added bonus xD. All this aside, I was really anxious to see if my nails would feel the same way after I removed the treatment.

After the removal of Probelle nail hardener

They didn't. The removal of the treatment took with it the hardened feel of my nails, I did feel a bit disappointed that they were as bendy as they were before I started the treatment, but it's exactly what the box said treatment would do when its ON. The barrier stays up, until you take it off. So that's that.

What I did notice however, was that the tiny cracks on the side of my nails had shrunk. The formula DID restore that bit of my I guess it really does work! For me at least.

I also noticed throughout the trial period that the hardener did chip off like a regular polish would. Good thing for that "one coat a day" rule huh?

Also, I would like you guys to read this to know my policy about reviews, and I hope you realize that I only used this product for a week, and that your results may differ to mine based on the "damage" of your nails and the number of weeks you spend on this treatment.

And that's it for this review, I hope you guys liked it! And I hope this helps you out, should you decide to make a purchase for any kind of treatment.

Till next time!