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Me Before You Review

Hey guys! I'm back from the family wedding I was away at. Man it feels good to be back in front of a laptop with its soft glow from the screen in my horribly lit lounge, sitting at an angle that will cause me tremendous amounts of back pain in the next decade 😅 Who else can relate to the feeling? I know I can't be the only one!

Moving on.....I recently watched the movie "Me Before You" and since it was hyped about and some of my friends wanted to know what it was like and what it was about without having to actually sit down and watch the two-hour movie I thought I would post up a review of the movie and what I thought of it. I guess now would be a good time to say SPOILER ALERT! Right, now that that's been said; lets get on with the review.

It all starts when the lead, Will Traynor, the utterly rich guy with everything, is rendered an invalid after a random guy on a motorcycle crashes into him in London. Will was a guy that lived for adventure and fun so naturally after the accident leaves him with a spinal chord injury, he loses the will to live and turns bitter. He is forced to move back to the small town (country) he's from and to live on his parent's estate. Also, his girlfriend and his best friend start dating....and then get married later on in the movie. So Will pays a Swiss company to basically end his life.
Because of his disability, Will must be under supervision and has someone makes him take his medicines and feeds him and takes care of him essentially, in addition to a nurse. All upon the insistence of his mother.

On the other hand, we have the female lead; Louisa Clark, girlfriend of Neville Longbottom (known in this movie as Patrick). She's quirky and is happy and content in life. She becomes the supervisor-thing-person for Will who tries to scare her off the way he had done with the previous people in her position with his rudeness. Louisa needs the money so she doesn't quit and she isn't rattled by his attitude,and that intrigues Will. So they start to become friends. (typical....) Soon Will's mother finds out of his impending Swiss death and thinks Louisa can help him change his mind. Louisa overhears the mother when she confronts Will's father of the Swiss death wish and runs off home, thinking it ridiculous how he wants to end his life. She decides to quit the job the next day but her sister tells her she should help him make the most of the five or six months that he has left.

Now would be a good time to talk about Louisa and Patrick's relationship. He's a self obsessed, health obsessed, runner. And they have been dating for seven years. Yeah... so the rest of the story shouldn't be too shocking. She breaks it off with him soon enough because she's busy tending to Will, who is dying soon.

Louisa agrees to whar her sister says and working closely with Will's mother arranges for trips and adventures that she and Will take together. The two of them invariably end up falling in love. The mother is happy because she thinks he will change his mind. Forward to a couple days before he's due in Switzerland...Louisa professes her love to him and NOW he decides to tell her he's going to be dead soon and asks her to come to Switzerland with him for his last day. And that its not enough for him to simply exist. If you've ever seen a Mountain Dew commercial, that is the kind of life Will wants and he refuses to be in love with Louisa and not be able to touch her or kiss her so he remains steadfast of his Swiss death wish. Tears ensue and she wishes she had never met him....but on the day that he's actually going to die she shows up at the Swiss facility, a pleasant surprise for Will and his mother.

The next thing they show is Louisa sitting at a cafe in Paris, a place Will had told her about and said was the best place in the world. She's wearing a pair of black and yellow tights Will gave her for her birthday and reads a letter from Will and it states that he's left her enough money to be able to live freely the way she wants. The End.

Overall verdict:
I didn't like it....the cast and acting was great, but I didn't like the story.

Highlight of the movie:
The black and yellow tights. Also, when they first meet, Will pretends to be kind of psychotic and it was funny.

Worst part of the movie:
All Will wants in life is to be the kind of stuntman Red Bull and Mountain Dew endorse. If all you want in life is to be a walking Mountain Dew commercial or death....well...I don't agree with the extremity, but your choice.
Also, Louisa wanted to quit the job when she heard of the Swiss death wish thing. Her sister TOLD HER TO HELP WILL. She didn't do it because she wanted to....but all this is just my opinion...If you want to watch the movie...good for you!

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OH! AND.... this poster for the movie is a scene that doesn't happen in the actual movie....they wear the same costume for a few minutes but the promo pic doesn't happen in the actual movie....not going to lie, it was kind of annoying when I kept waiting for it to happen for two hours but it never did -_-

Let me know what you thought of my review and of the movie! And who noticed that the title of the post ryhmed? 😁

Till next time!

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  1. Fun post...liked the rhyme, isn't it great when a post title appears...struggling to come up with one can be the pits.LOL

    I didn't see the movie, I read the book recently though. I confess I read it quickly, but I think often as it is, the book was better based on your review of the movie.