Friday, 27 January 2017

Hidden in the Streets of the Grand Bazaar - My Favourite Polish

Being a nail polish hoarder comes with its barriers. Much to the dismay of nail art junkies everywhere. Barriers like shipping costs and bills are the kind that we, unfortunately, cannot dodge. Another great challenge that comes with being a nail art blogger is having to choose "the best polish".

Its really easy to choose a bad polish, because it just doesn't live up to the standard that we hold in the world of polish. What I mean when I say "bad polish" is the kind polish that is basically a waste of money. The traits of a "bad polish" include streaky application, abnormally long dry-time, and being actually hazardous to health. For some, polishes that stain may also be classified as "bad",

The only reason it is such a hard decision to choose the "best polish"  is because our preferences cause bias over finishes, textures, colours, affordability and other when people ask me what my favourite polish is,it is something that ticks off all the boxes on my list of preferences. So my favourite polish technically becomes my best polish...and this is different for everyone!

Sometimes, we find a polish so incredible, our hearts swell every time we put it on. I know you know what I'm talking about. The kind of polish that glides on like a dream, dries in a fair amount of time, and dries down to a finish that makes us swoon. Add in the fact that it is your favourite colour, and you've got yourself your favourite polish 😁😁 Now seeing as how this totally depends on personal may take a bit of time...and effort to find!

Especially if your preferences are unconventional. Say, for example, you want a dark green, but not too dark that it seems black in dim lighting. And you want it to contain glitter. Multiple colours of glitter. Also, it must be a metallic finish. Not glossy, not matte - metallic. So in polish-talk, that would be a metallic forest green with creme base and holo reflects.

This is what counts as an "unconventional" colour of nail polish, as opposed to, say,the standard red or pink. So I never came across a polish that I could label as my favourite, but I knew deep down, it surely MUST exist SOMEWHERE. And one fateful day, while walking down the streets of the Grand Bazaar, I found IT. 

The Grand Bazaar with its Turkish culture and antiquities hiding what my polish dreams were made of. And this, ladies and gents...(well, dad) is the object of my polish-affections!

Now about the polish itself! Its from a Turkish brand called "PASTEL Cosmetics". I couldn't find a website to link back to and I searched them up on instagram but its an unofficial and private account so I don't know the deal with that. What I do know is that the brand is widely available at retailer stores and cosmetic stores.

Like I said before, its a dark enough green to still count as green in dimmer lights,with  a creme base and duo-chrome micro glitter and a bit of holo. The micro glitter reflects off blue and pink and here is a blurry shot of the holo and glitter in action....its not the best...since its actually a screenshot of the nails in action in a video from my instagram taken with the flash on:

IG: @uptown.nails  20th Aug'16
And here it is in a recent picture, in the glory of the sun!

I think I heard Angels singing when I was done painting my nails with it the first time 😆 Everything about this polish was sooo good! The rest of the shots are just me trying to capture the pink shift of the bottle....
Green shift to pink, SUCCESS
And trying to capture the blue flecks of glitter in there too...

Are you a nail junkie like me? (You probably are since all my nail-friends read my blog 😆)
What do you think about picking a favourite polish? Is it like choosing a favourite child 😅 ?
Do you like my dramatic way of telling you about my favourite polish? Let me know here or in the comments below!

Have a great day/night!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your build-up and excitement for finding your favorite polish! It is truly beautiful.

    I'm snickering to myself, wondering how long it will be until you find your next I remember it happening for me over and over. You're so right that it is easy to pick out the bad...but it is like picking a favorite child when trying to find the "best". ;)

  2. Hey, great article :) My favourite polish changes all the time. Some years ago I could not imagine having orange on, then I started buying them. For some time I couldn't stand red, now love it. Back then I loved blue, then I hated it. So for me it's hard to pick the best for me as the best usually changes, but what I usually most of the time I love are the berry colours, pinkish or purplish, that's why I picked my nickname on insta (berry nailcorner). Love your pick, very pretty chameleon polish.