Friday, 27 January 2017

Hidden in the Streets of the Grand Bazaar - My Favourite Polish

Being a nail polish hoarder comes with its barriers. Much to the dismay of nail art junkies everywhere. Barriers like shipping costs and bills are the kind that we, unfortunately, cannot dodge. Another great challenge that comes with being a nail art blogger is having to choose "the best polish".

Its really easy to choose a bad polish, because it just doesn't live up to the standard that we hold in the world of polish. What I mean when I say "bad polish" is the kind polish that is basically a waste of money. The traits of a "bad polish" include streaky application, abnormally long dry-time, and being actually hazardous to health. For some, polishes that stain may also be classified as "bad",

The only reason it is such a hard decision to choose the "best polish"  is because our preferences cause bias over finishes, textures, colours, affordability and other when people ask me what my favourite polish is,it is something that ticks off all the boxes on my list of preferences. So my favourite polish technically becomes my best polish...and this is different for everyone!

Sometimes, we find a polish so incredible, our hearts swell every time we put it on. I know you know what I'm talking about. The kind of polish that glides on like a dream, dries in a fair amount of time, and dries down to a finish that makes us swoon. Add in the fact that it is your favourite colour, and you've got yourself your favourite polish 😁😁 Now seeing as how this totally depends on personal may take a bit of time...and effort to find!

Especially if your preferences are unconventional. Say, for example, you want a dark green, but not too dark that it seems black in dim lighting. And you want it to contain glitter. Multiple colours of glitter. Also, it must be a metallic finish. Not glossy, not matte - metallic. So in polish-talk, that would be a metallic forest green with creme base and holo reflects.

This is what counts as an "unconventional" colour of nail polish, as opposed to, say,the standard red or pink. So I never came across a polish that I could label as my favourite, but I knew deep down, it surely MUST exist SOMEWHERE. And one fateful day, while walking down the streets of the Grand Bazaar, I found IT. 

The Grand Bazaar with its Turkish culture and antiquities hiding what my polish dreams were made of. And this, ladies and gents...(well, dad) is the object of my polish-affections!

Now about the polish itself! Its from a Turkish brand called "PASTEL Cosmetics". I couldn't find a website to link back to and I searched them up on instagram but its an unofficial and private account so I don't know the deal with that. What I do know is that the brand is widely available at retailer stores and cosmetic stores.

Like I said before, its a dark enough green to still count as green in dimmer lights,with  a creme base and duo-chrome micro glitter and a bit of holo. The micro glitter reflects off blue and pink and here is a blurry shot of the holo and glitter in action....its not the best...since its actually a screenshot of the nails in action in a video from my instagram taken with the flash on:

IG: @uptown.nails  20th Aug'16
And here it is in a recent picture, in the glory of the sun!

I think I heard Angels singing when I was done painting my nails with it the first time 😆 Everything about this polish was sooo good! The rest of the shots are just me trying to capture the pink shift of the bottle....
Green shift to pink, SUCCESS
And trying to capture the blue flecks of glitter in there too...

Are you a nail junkie like me? (You probably are since all my nail-friends read my blog 😆)
What do you think about picking a favourite polish? Is it like choosing a favourite child 😅 ?
Do you like my dramatic way of telling you about my favourite polish? Let me know here or in the comments below!

Have a great day/night!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Me Before You Review

Hey guys! I'm back from the family wedding I was away at. Man it feels good to be back in front of a laptop with its soft glow from the screen in my horribly lit lounge, sitting at an angle that will cause me tremendous amounts of back pain in the next decade 😅 Who else can relate to the feeling? I know I can't be the only one!

Moving on.....I recently watched the movie "Me Before You" and since it was hyped about and some of my friends wanted to know what it was like and what it was about without having to actually sit down and watch the two-hour movie I thought I would post up a review of the movie and what I thought of it. I guess now would be a good time to say SPOILER ALERT! Right, now that that's been said; lets get on with the review.

It all starts when the lead, Will Traynor, the utterly rich guy with everything, is rendered an invalid after a random guy on a motorcycle crashes into him in London. Will was a guy that lived for adventure and fun so naturally after the accident leaves him with a spinal chord injury, he loses the will to live and turns bitter. He is forced to move back to the small town (country) he's from and to live on his parent's estate. Also, his girlfriend and his best friend start dating....and then get married later on in the movie. So Will pays a Swiss company to basically end his life.
Because of his disability, Will must be under supervision and has someone makes him take his medicines and feeds him and takes care of him essentially, in addition to a nurse. All upon the insistence of his mother.

On the other hand, we have the female lead; Louisa Clark, girlfriend of Neville Longbottom (known in this movie as Patrick). She's quirky and is happy and content in life. She becomes the supervisor-thing-person for Will who tries to scare her off the way he had done with the previous people in her position with his rudeness. Louisa needs the money so she doesn't quit and she isn't rattled by his attitude,and that intrigues Will. So they start to become friends. (typical....) Soon Will's mother finds out of his impending Swiss death and thinks Louisa can help him change his mind. Louisa overhears the mother when she confronts Will's father of the Swiss death wish and runs off home, thinking it ridiculous how he wants to end his life. She decides to quit the job the next day but her sister tells her she should help him make the most of the five or six months that he has left.

Now would be a good time to talk about Louisa and Patrick's relationship. He's a self obsessed, health obsessed, runner. And they have been dating for seven years. Yeah... so the rest of the story shouldn't be too shocking. She breaks it off with him soon enough because she's busy tending to Will, who is dying soon.

Louisa agrees to whar her sister says and working closely with Will's mother arranges for trips and adventures that she and Will take together. The two of them invariably end up falling in love. The mother is happy because she thinks he will change his mind. Forward to a couple days before he's due in Switzerland...Louisa professes her love to him and NOW he decides to tell her he's going to be dead soon and asks her to come to Switzerland with him for his last day. And that its not enough for him to simply exist. If you've ever seen a Mountain Dew commercial, that is the kind of life Will wants and he refuses to be in love with Louisa and not be able to touch her or kiss her so he remains steadfast of his Swiss death wish. Tears ensue and she wishes she had never met him....but on the day that he's actually going to die she shows up at the Swiss facility, a pleasant surprise for Will and his mother.

The next thing they show is Louisa sitting at a cafe in Paris, a place Will had told her about and said was the best place in the world. She's wearing a pair of black and yellow tights Will gave her for her birthday and reads a letter from Will and it states that he's left her enough money to be able to live freely the way she wants. The End.

Overall verdict:
I didn't like it....the cast and acting was great, but I didn't like the story.

Highlight of the movie:
The black and yellow tights. Also, when they first meet, Will pretends to be kind of psychotic and it was funny.

Worst part of the movie:
All Will wants in life is to be the kind of stuntman Red Bull and Mountain Dew endorse. If all you want in life is to be a walking Mountain Dew commercial or death....well...I don't agree with the extremity, but your choice.
Also, Louisa wanted to quit the job when she heard of the Swiss death wish thing. Her sister TOLD HER TO HELP WILL. She didn't do it because she wanted to....but all this is just my opinion...If you want to watch the movie...good for you!

Image via Google

OH! AND.... this poster for the movie is a scene that doesn't happen in the actual movie....they wear the same costume for a few minutes but the promo pic doesn't happen in the actual movie....not going to lie, it was kind of annoying when I kept waiting for it to happen for two hours but it never did -_-

Let me know what you thought of my review and of the movie! And who noticed that the title of the post ryhmed? 😁

Till next time!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What do Pakistani's eat? Part 2

Hi guys! A couple posts back I answered the question "What do Pakistani's eat?" and today I'm back with another post to follow up on my answer. And as promised; this post is a bit more culture-centered than the previous one, where I talked about McDonald's and other fast food joints.

I did something different for this post. Instead of talking about just one place and one meal, I'm going to talk about two 😆 and because I love sugar, there's also a "snack". You'll see what I mean later.

Lets start off with breakfast. Like most students on vacation, I had breakfast around 1 p.m. My friend (Hi Palwashay!!) and I met up at a local cafe for breakfast recently. My prior experience with the cafe was horrible, they gave me under-cooked pasta (URGH!!!) ....but I decided to give the place another shot because it was conveniently located nearby, and we were hungry.....and my friend wanted to go to the bookstore right next to it any, convenient.

I ordered a Mexican omelette and my friend ordered two scoops of chocolate gelato. Can you see why I'm friends with this girl? Our mutual love for chocolate and our mutual hate for half our school's populace really cemented the bond 😁

Right so moving back on topic....I ordered this omelette because it had black olives, mushrooms and feta cheese in it, and though I would have preferred yellow cheddar, it was still delicious. My plate did arrive with four pieces of toast and a serving of butter but like I said before, I was I ate the piece of toast before I took pictures. I also had a huge bite of the omelette but I very cleverly concealed that with my watermark hehehe.
The omelette also arrived with a hash brown, some jam and a grilled tomato and I think they accidentally put those roasted peas and potatoes on my plate but I was happy 😆 Foodies, I tell ya!

Eggs are an essential part of breakfast here in Pakistan; as oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, breakfast sausages and breakfast cereals really aren't part of the culture here. That's not to say that we don't eat this stuff here, I mean, you would never have caught me without having had my trusty Koko Krunch for breakfast, but its just not the general custom in most households. In fact, we actually have a saying here in Pakistan (and India as well, I'm sure) that goes: Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khaao anday (Whether its Sunday or Monday, you must eat an egg every day). I know I'm not the only one who's heard this from her dad because I heard my uncle telling my cousin the same thing once. And I don't know where this egg loving saying came from...maybe it was part of the Health Ministry's campaign once....but the phrase really took root in the hearts of Pakistani dads.

While we're on the subject of Pakistani culture, now would be a good time to introduce to you cholay (chickpeas). I know its something you guys may already be familiar with because that's what hummus is made of...but we eat them here a little differently. The chickpeas are boiled, and served with an array of spices, tamarind sauce, tiny chunks of boiled potatoes and chopped onions. You can choose to then add in yogurt and customize your plate to your liking with the tamarind sauce and masala (spice). The chickpea dish is then called either chaat or simply cholay. Its sort of the ultimate comfort food. And it looks somewhat like this;
A typical plate of cholay

Cholay up close

It does fill me up so I do count cholay as a meal. Cholay are best eaten warm, in the back seat of a car, and with a bottle of coke. Oh and the customization of the plate is done with this nifty little tray that holds salt, two varieties of masala, two kinds of tamarind sauce; sweet and sour, and yogurt.

Yumminess increaser
Now after eating the plate of cholay for lunch, you would want to eat something for dessert. And if that something is a bakery cookie, then you know you can't eat just one. And if you're like me and your only weakness is sugar, then its no longer just a cookie. It is actually a snack.

All I need in life.
These cookies come from traditional bakeries. The family business kind. And more often than not these businesses have been up and running for generations. I don't know what they put in these cookies, all I know is that we bought a lot of them on the 31st of December and by the time the sun set on the 1st of January, they were all gone. Honestly, if you don't live here and ever find yourself in Pakistan, ask for chocolate cookies from the bakery. You will thank me. And if you do live here and also love these cookies and know how to make these, please  LET ME KNOW 💓💖💓💖

I could continue to sing praises for these incredible cookies but its already making me hungry. So I guess this wraps up this post for what Pakistani's eat. I hope you guys liked it and I hope 2017 is off to a great start for everyone.