Monday, 19 December 2016

What do Pakistani's Eat?

We're all asked ridiculous questions.But sometimes, those questions are what can only be described as insanely ridiculous. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me an incredibly ridiculous question with an obvious answer, I would have enough money to fund a couple months of college tuition fees.
So, what do you do when you show up to school one day with shoulder length hair, that the salon said was "a lob", and someone has the audacity to ask "Did you get a haircut?", despite the fact that they saw you just yesterday with your hair down to your waist.
If you're anything like me, your reply will be as sarcastic as possible! Yes, the situation above is based on personal experience, and my reply was "No, I dyed the ends invisible" and "No, it grew shorter". Yes, I was asked the same question by more than one person. And I'm sure you guys can relate to being asked these kind of questions. If you can't relate, here's another insanely ridiculous one. One day I got braces on my teeth. I went to school the next day and was met with "Did you get braces?". All i wondered was WHY anyone would ask me that, when it was so obvious that I was indeed wearing a painful set of braces. 

Now that we have this subcategory of questions on one hand, sometimes I'm asked the sort of questions that aren't ridiculous, but I feel like people should already know the answers to them. But it is unfair of me to assume that everyone would be somewhat aware of things that they have no exposure to; like Pakistani culture for instance. So when I said I would be blogging about Pakistani culture back here, I figured I would start off with some of the questions I've been asked over the years regarding our culture. Today, the question is "What do you Pakistani's eat".

The short answer is: EVERYTHING!!!! Pakistani's are generally foodies, we love food and we eat everything from McDonalds, to Thai to Indonesian to Lebanese. Like I said, foodies. We've got all the fast food joints here that you could think of, the most recent franchise that launched I believe was either Fat Burger or Johnny Rockets, and that happened about four years there is your answer people.

What I will talk about today is a Pakistani rotisserie based in Karachi called "Rowtisserie". I'm not sure why, but I've only eaten there twice. And I loved my meals both the times. Its got a lot more than just rotisserie chicken, which is something I was really happy with because my love for pasta surpasses all other food.
Courtesy DHA Today

 So as you can see from the picture of the menu above, (well, at least I hope you can see, I swear I'll use a better camera next time) they also serve pastas, salads and much more.
It didn't come as a shock to anyone when I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese the first time I went there.
It was a good enough meal, but not something I would order the next time I was there. It came with the standard two pieces of garlic bread (yay for garlic bread) and it was a hearty quantity. I almost couldn't finish it. Almost. xD

What I really thought was unique about the place was their decor. I had never seen the skeleton (is that even the right word for it?)  of a rowing boat before and there were at least nine suspended along the entirety of their Dolmen City branch. So different to any other themed eatery I have ever seen and so, so, cool.

Here's an image from an actual photographer for better clarity.
Courtesy Sunday Tribune

The next time I visited this place, I ordered a steak and cheese panini. I have one word to say about it: YUM. It was easily the best panini I have ever eaten. I burnt my tongue a little because the cheese was still hot when I took the first (huge) bite but it was so worth it! See what I meant when I said we were foodies?

And no, my utensils didn't come used, I actually stuffed a potato wedge in my mouth after I dipped it in ketchup - as one does upon the immediate arrival of said potato, before I took this picture.
In all honesty, I'm getting kind of hungry just writing about this, especially since I have to look at the picture above. Its not the best picture I could have taken, but I was starving and I didn't want my sandwich to get cold.

Who would have assumed that a Pakistani would prefer that panini to a plate of traditional food? Probably not even my mother. But that's not the point. The point is, we're people, just like the American, and we too, eat magical cheesy goodness sandwiched between buttered up bread, with potatoes and Coke.

So the next time you wonder what people of a certain country eat, its probably closer to what you eat than you would think! And apart from all this, we  do have traditional foods. And I will dedicate separate posts to them because they will not be done justice with just a one-line description and no pictures. But its not that every meal we eat is necessarily traditional. We eat food that we generally favour. It could be Chinese, or pizza or even just pasta (unless you're my dad, then, its never pasta) (also, hi Dad😆)

Happy holidays everyone!

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